Our First Family Photo

Our First Family Photo
One Hour Old

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Wyatt - the little biologist

Robert and Vicky came for their usual visit for the deer hunt at Hatchie National Wildlife Refuge.  Robert and Rob get up ridiculously early and go hunting Saturday and Sunday morning.  It's become a tradition and so far has always ended up with some deer meat in my freezer.

Mean while, Wyatt and I get to spend some time with Granny, and Wyatt gets a little extra spoiled for the weekend.  It also usually falls on my birthday, so I got to have a yummy birthday dinner and cake with candles.

So, Rob ended up with a really nice buck, and Robert got what I love to see because does make better meat for cooking.  Anyway, here are some pics!  Disclaimer:  The last couple of pictures are pretty graphic... Wyatt really enjoyed the whole process of cleaning the deer.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Nursery is Finished!

My many thanks go out to both my wonderful mom and my sweet mother in law.  It's great to have space for Wyatt to call his own and for the new baby to already be pampered with an adorable space.  It's so nice to have all the help and support of family and to finish something important to me.  I hope both of my kids always know how lucky and blessed we are to have family in our lives who love us.  Even though we don't live really close or get to see every one on a regular basis, we always know family is not far. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

"The" Orange Beach 2014

Beach pictures!   Orange Beach October 2014.

 The water was really rough Tues morning.  We got to Orange Beach, AL around sunset on Monday in the middle of a huge storm.  It took a couple days for the ocean to settle back down to calm waves.
 Sugar Beach Complex.

 Wyatt is a natural at the beach.  On the way he said, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"  "I'm thinking about staying at the Orange Beach and not going home."  He called our condo, our new home and didn't really want to go home.

30 weeks pregnant

Welcome to our nest!  Wyatt approved.

Crashed the first night!

My little Beach Bum

Double Thumbs Up

 We had a studio condo and it was just enough room for a home away from home vacation.
 Our view from the balcony.


 So on the last day, I was the only one up and went out REALLY early to get some sunrise pictures and say good-bye to our ocean fun for this year.  I hope we get to go again next year with the new baby and enjoy some more sand, sun, and ocean fun.

 I really couldn't pick just a few sunrise pictures, but the last one was the best one!  Some things are worth being sleepy and cold and out of bed.  Rob and Wyatt were warm and snug still sleeping in our cozy little condo.

 We ended our trip with a visit to Gulf State Park and a snake show for Wyatt.  My little herp expert even answered the question, "What else do king snakes eat?" with clear as can be in his 3 year old voice, "Venomous Snakes!"

Until next time!